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Always Cool Air-Conditioning - Heating | Cooling | Service
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    Domestic & Commercial

    Complete Sales, Service, Installation and Design!

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    Heating over winter

    Have you ever considered using a
    reverse cycle to heat your
    business or house!

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    Commercial Experience

    We are specialists in all aspects of Commercial Air-Conditioning.

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    Preventative Maintenance

    Prompt attention to breakdowns & repair needs in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs including Cardinia, South Gippsland, Bass Coast & Phillip Island.

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Air-Conditioning Installation & Service

Air-Conditioning & Heating installation, service, maintenance & repairs for residential, commercial & industrial premises.

Service area coverage includes: Phillip Island, San Remo, South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Cardinia & other suburbs of South Eastern Melbourne.

Professional advice with over 15 years experience, we can guide you for the most energy efficient solution for your home or business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation quote on 0414 825 179 or click here to message us direct.

Energy Efficient System Designs

  • Free, No Obligation Quotes & Advice

  • Custom System Design for the most Energy Efficient system for home & business

  • After hours breakdown servicing for Commercial & Industrial clients

  • Warranty Agent for Panasonic & Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

  • Service Area includes Phillip Island, San Remo, Bass Coast, Cardinia, South Gippsland & South Eastern Melbourne suburbs

Split Systems

Split systems air conditioners can be used in individual rooms. Split systems are a quick & efficient way to heat and cool an area to the customer’s requirements. Split Systems are Reverse cycle – meaning heating & cooling. They have efficient heat pump technology.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi head split systems are an efficient way of heating & cooling multiple rooms. They have multiple indoor units which only require the one outdoor unit. This is especially good for those with limited space outdoors.


If you are looking for commercial or home air-conditioning service, Always Air-Conditioning offers you the best in Phillip Island, Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs Including Cardinia, South Gippsland & Bass Coast.


Warm in winter and cool in summer, a reverse cycle room air conditioner from Always Cool Air-Conditioning will put the climate in your control throughout all seasons.


We specialise in both preventive and ongoing maintenance service throughout Phillip Island, Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs including Cardinia, South Gippsland & Bass Coast..

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